Michael Martinez Hits a Home Run on David Ortiz "Big Papi" Record Sale in Pinecrest

Michael Martinez Hits a Home Run on David Ortiz "Big Papi" Record Sale in Pinecrest

  • Michael Martinez
  • 06/28/23

 Michael Martinez Hits a Home Run on David Ortiz "Big Papi" Record Sale in Pinecrest

In a monumental real estate transaction that has captured the attention of sports and luxury home enthusiasts alike, former MLB legend David "Big Papi" Ortiz recently sold his opulent mansion in Pinecrest, Miami. The record-breaking sale, which saw the property change hands for an impressive $10.55 million, has set a new benchmark for the affluent neighborhood. Let's delve into the details of this extraordinary deal, exploring the luxurious features of Ortiz's former home and the buzz surrounding the sale.

The news of David Ortiz's mansion sale made waves in both the sports and real estate worlds. The property, featured in multiple publications, attracted attention for its extravagant amenities and record-breaking price tag. Michael Martinez, a prominent figure in the real estate industry, was at the forefront of this historic transaction, successfully orchestrating the sale of Ortiz's lavish estate.


Check out the BUZZ made by the HOME RUN Record Sales in the article below:

The Wall Street Journal covered David "Big Papi" Ortiz's record-breaking sale, detailing the achievement in the Miami suburbs.

According to a Haute Residence report, David "Big Papi" Ortiz's former home broke Pinecrest records with its recent sale.

The sale was also covered by The Sun, providing details on the mansion's impressive features and the astonishing $11 million sale price.

South Florida Agent Magazine highlighted the record-breaking sale, with Ortiz's mansion being sold for a remarkable $10.55 million.

Business Insider took readers on a virtual tour of the swanky $10.6 million mansion, showcasing the opulence that set a record for the area's most expensive home.

Sportskeeda celebrated Ortiz's real estate "home run," detailing the closing sale of the $11 million lavish mansion.

Yardbarker reported that David Ortiz sold his suburban Miami home for a record $10.55 million.

The impressive mansion sale was also covered by Business Insider India, highlighting its record-breaking nature and luxurious features.

Business Insider Africa provided readers with a virtual tour of the record-breaking mansion, showcasing its opulence and setting it apart as the area's most expensive home.

Front Office Sports commended David Ortiz on the record-breaking sale of his suburban Miami home.

The WSJ Real Estate Instagram account shared the news of the impressive sale.

The Real Deal reported on David Ortiz's achievement, selling his Miami home for a Pinecrest record price.

The Daily Mail detailed the sale of Ortiz's mansion, highlighting its exquisite features, including a sports memorabilia bar, home cinema, and eight bathrooms.

Mansion Global recognized David "Big Papi" Ortiz's achievement in scoring a record price for his Miami suburban home.

Miami.com showcased the sale of Ortiz's mansion, providing readers with a look into the property amid his divorce.

The South Florida Business Journal covered the record sale of Ortiz's mansion, emphasizing its significance in Miami-Dade.

AOL featured the news of Ortiz's mansion sale amid his divorce.

Yahoo! Movies highlighted the sale of Ortiz's mansion amid his divorce, capturing the interest of entertainment and real estate enthusiasts alike.

Creative Loafing Tampa, through syndication from the Wall Street Journal, reported on the sale of David Ortiz's Florida mansion for $10.5 million.


The sale of David Ortiz's mansion in Pinecrest, Miami, stands as a testament to the merging worlds of sports and luxury real estate. With a record-breaking price tag of $11 million, Ortiz's former home has left an indelible mark on the exclusive neighborhood. Thanks to the expertise and negotiation skills of real estate professional Michael Martinez, this transaction has become a true home run, exemplifying the pinnacle of success in both the sporting and real estate arenas.

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